Cold Hand Protection Gloves

Best Freezer Work Gloves Reviews of 2019

1. Memphis Glove N9690S Cold Weather Glove Ninja Ice


The first highly recommended freezer glove in this article is the Memphis Glove N9690S Ninja Ice. This is a nice choice if you are in need of a thin pair of glove that is effective in making you feel warm all throughout your work hours. I noticed how effective it is in keeping my hands warm without the added bulk.

I can also prove that it works perfectly as a working glove for the cold as it is warm and water-resistant. I even discovered how it stays flexible and soft even if you are in an environment where the extreme cold is a big challenge. The coated fingertips present in this freezer work glove contribute a lot in making your fingertips dry and warm.

These are also helpful in ensuring that you can still normally use your hands with the gloves on and even in those situations when you need to handle delicate and small items. This glove also utilizes the hydropellent technology for the coated fingertips, which helps in creating a sturdy yet soft, flexible, and spongy coating.

I find this coating a huge advantage because it works in repelling liquid, thereby providing a firm grip whether it is dry or wet. It comes with an exterior shell constructed from a 15-gauge nylon material. The interior liner, on the other hand, makes use of a 7-gauge brushed acrylic material.

This combination for the interior and exterior of the glove provides the warmth required by your hand while ensuring that it does not become too bulky. Furthermore, it features an elastic cuff, which makes the glove more flexible while providing you with the kind of dexterity that your job requires.

However, the interiors are also prone to tearing.