Cordova Monarch-Taeki5 Sleeve with Thumb slot Cut 3


SKU: 3729

Cordova Moncarch-Taeki5 Sleeve

  • ANSI Cut Level 3: 1327 grams
  • Gray, 18-inch Taeki 5 Sleeve
  • Thumb slot
  • Hook & Loop Closure at Bicep
  • Manufacturer # 3729VT
  • Since its introduction to the market, the revolutionary Taeki5® has expanded into a complete range of high performance safety gloves and personal protective products including barrier fabrics, aprons, garments and shoes. Taeki5® was developed in Europe with total protection in mind. Integrating unique HPSH fibre, Taeki5® is the only yarn on the market able to offer complete protective properties in a multitude of glove and PPE designs. Where other fibres will fail in heat contact resistance or abrasion resistance, Taeki5® will be there to give you the complete properties and protection listed.