Impacto Turbotoe Steel Toe Cap

Clark Safety

SKU: 555501

The IMPACTO TURBOTOE safety overshoe protects the toe area from accidental impact, crushing or stubbing.

Perfect for visitors, casual or temporary workers, management, clerical and sales people. Fits tightly over existing shoes providing a solid protecting cap. Can be comfortably worn over low-heel, dress and running shoes and most boots.

Color matches to size of foot (USA sizes)

Purple- M:2-3 W: 4-5

Grey- M: 4-5 W: 6-7

White- M: 6-7 W: 8-9

Yellow- M:8-9 W:10-11

Red- M:10-11 W: 12-13

Blue- M:12-13

Green- M:13-14

Black- M:15-16