Radians Titanium Vented Helmet White

Clark Safety

SKU: 88556



Made popular by the sporting goods industry, climbing style helmets offer increased protection from impacts to the side and back of the head, which is very important if a worker trips, slips, or falls. Plus, their integrated adjustable chin strap, keeps the helmet where it belongs—on the worker’s head. Radians Titanium includes these advantages, plus multiple other features, including a ratchet suspension system and four clips that provide secure mounting points for attaching your favorite helmet accessories at the front and rear of the helmet. Built with comfort in mind, this helmet includes an inner foam liner and removable crown, brow, and suspension pads. Meets ANSI Z89.1 and EN 12492 standards. This vented model includes vents in the crown that promote better air circulation and cooler temperatures.

  • Meets ANSI Z89.1 Type I Class C standards
  • Meets EN 12492 Clauses;;
  • Low-Profile design with an impact-resistant ABS outer shell
  • Vents that promote better air circulation and cooler temperatures
  • Ratchet suspension system
  • Universal accessory slots
  • Inner foam comfort liner
  • Integrated detachable 3-point chinstrap
  • Integrated accessory clips