Spanset 18" Extension Lanyard with Safety Hook & D Ring


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Spanset 18" Extension Lanyard with Safety Hook& D-Ring


Lanyard extenders are used to make lanyard connections easier and to reduce false connection. The USEXTN is attached to the back D ring on a harness to extend the lanyard attachment point downward, making it easier to reach.

Different connections are available; including permanent attachment.

Please use caution when using the lanyard extender; the additional length of the dorsal extension must be considered when calculating the free fall distance so as to not exceed 6'.


Key Features
18" lanyard extension with snap hook and D ring
Attached to the harness before use
Ideal for workers who cannot easily reach the dorsal D ring on their harness
Extends lanyard length for high overhead attachment points
3/4" double action snap hook with 3600 lb ANSI approved gate