Automotive Gloves

Mechanic work is all about using your hands, so there’s no way to avoid scratches, tears, and other kinds of injuries. To prevent long-lasting damage and preserve your working hands, choose a mechanic glove that will take the brunt of the abuse.

  • Protection. Whether it’s from impacts, scrapes, or any other situation that can tear the skin from your hand, mechanic gloves will protect you. Removable gloves are much easier to replace than any body part.
  • Chemical barrier. Working in the garage means you’ll likely come into contact with a number of chemicals. Though some types of mechanic gloves won’t act as a solid barrier against chemicals seeping through to your skin, they will lessen the amount of chemical that contacts your hand.
  • Gripping power. Your bare hands can easily become saturated as you work, and grabbing onto objects and handling them may become difficult. The finger pads on mechanic gloves will give you extra gripping power to grab and hold onto things.
  • Callous prevention. Calluses form when your hands see constant contact with rough objects. If you add a layer between your hands and the objects you’re handling, you can significantly reduce the number of calluses your hands sustain.
  • Reduction in hand fatigue. Along with protecting your hands as you work, mechanic gloves can also help support them. After wearing the gloves for a few hours, you won’t feel as much fatigue as you would without the gloves.
  • Multiple use/applications. Though they’re called mechanic gloves, these protective gloves can be used in a variety of situations. Examples include working in the yard, picking up trash, cleaning up the garage, etc.