Howard Leight Quiet 100 PR/Uncorded NNR 26

Clark Safety

SKU: 250236

  • Howard Leight by Honeywell Quiet Reusable Foam Ear Plugs provide good protection and comfort from a reusable earplug, for consistent attenuation during all-day wear. Quiet requires no rolling - its built-in flexible stem adds in ease of insertion and immediate comfort. Its smooth, non-irritating skin provides all-day comfort and is easy to clean up with soap/water for extended wear.

    For Motorcyclists: Quiet has no external stem to interfere with helmet wear, and the NRR 26 is ideal for most riding situations. Just enough attenuation to reduce wind noise to a manageable level, but not so much that you cannot hear traffic when you need to.

    Available in three sizes, corded or uncorded, and with or without a sturdy carry case. Average size is also available in a nice beige natural color instead of the standard orange color.